Virginia Breweries

4 Mad Chefs

4 Mad Chefs by Chaos Mountain

Beer Style:

Belgian Style Quadrupel

Brewed by:

Chaos Mountain Brewing

Release Date:

April 2014



This Belgian style quadruple is our tribute to our chef friends who are known on occasion to go a little over the edge. They have graciously proven to us that food is art and that they love their craft. We hope it is a worthy and perfect compliment to a well-cooked meal. Deep brown in color with hints of caramel, plum and fig, this big beer is great with hearty fare or as an after dinner beer. With an abv approaching 10% some might say we’re the ones that went a little over the edge.




8.5 20 19


Suggested Food Pairings

Belgian Goblet
Game Meats
Gouda Cheese
Bread Pudding

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