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VA BrewPass

Introducing the VA BrewPass

The VA BrewPass is a yearly membership which provides access to the VA beer VIP experience. With the VA BrewPass comes the chance to save some money while supporting the industry we all love. Along with the savings will come interesting opportunities for event invites and check-in-based gifts.


Could pay for itself in one weekend's worth of use!

The inaugural edition of the VA BrewPass is valid up to Jan 2016.
Save money at an ever-growing list of venues across the commonwealth.
Get invited to events where BrewPass members receive access to VIP privileges.

How it works


Purchase a card

You can get a card from our online store or at a participating venue.

VA Breweries Store

Search for a deal

You can go to our offers page to see an up-to-date list of venues and the deals they offer to BrewPass members.

VA Breweries Store

Save money!

Go. Save. Enjoy.

Save money with the VA BrewPass

Save money with the VA BrewPass